Bar owner jumps from window to escape wife, police

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A Carson City bar owner was arrested for possession of marijuana after he jumped from a second-story motel room window in an apparent attempt to escape his wife, who told police he was there having sex with another woman, police reports state.

Officers responded to the bar at 7:30 p.m. Monday on a report of a domestic dispute.

While one officer went into the motel, another standing outside saw Sean Blocker, 30, owner of Rumors bar in the 1900 block of North Carson Street, jump from the second-story window and land on top of a pickup truck, then run into the bar, police reports state.

With officers and Blocker's wife in pursuit, Blocker allegedly locked himself in the bar bathroom.

According to the report, Blocker's wife, with whom he shares the business, broke through the doorway.

The report states when police asked Blocker to come out of the bathroom, he became irate.

Blocker came at the officer in a way described as "getting ready for combat," the arresting officer wrote.

Blocker was subdued with pepper spray and handcuffed.

His wife allegedly allowed officers to search the bar area where they found marijuana. Blocker was charged with possession of marijuana and obstructing an officer.

In the meantime, an officer upstairs at the motel room door said 35-year-old Tina Bevans, unemployed of Carson City, came out of the room after Blocker jumped from the window and was enraged and threatening to assault Blocker's wife.

According to the report, Bevans, on bail for charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of a hypodermic device, had a no-drinking clause in her bail conditions. She was arrested on a violation of those conditions when a preliminary breath test found she one and a half times the legal limit of alcohol in her system, the report states.

She was additionally charged with suspicion of misdemeanor making threats and disorderly conduct.

Blocker posted a $985 bail.

Bevans is being held without bail in the Carson City Jail.


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