Arm swing crucial to consistent ball striking

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How the arms swing from the top of the back swing to the finish position is crucial to consistent ball striking.

This having been said, it must be understood that the arms will swing where and how the position of the body dictates. The body must be positioned correctly to allow for a free, unencumbered swing of the hands and arms. The reason for this statement is that we will often look at the swing of the hands and arms as the culprit of a missed shot when in fact the hands and arms were merely responding to poor body positioning. It is important to understand the root of the problem in our efforts to make corrections.

Assuming the address position and pivot motion are correct the training of the hands and arms can continue.

The forward swing has two stages -- the initiation of the down swing and the swing to the finish. The initiation of the down swing is subtle, from the completed back swing position the hands and arms swing down 6-12 inches with minimal body motion. From this point the arms and the body turn to the

finish in a synchronized motion.

The finish position is an excellent indication of what has gone before; a poor finish position indicates that all was not correct prior to the finish.

The following is a great way to train the hands and arms to swing to the finish position.

. Hold the left wrist and swing to the top of the back swing.

a Initiate the forward swing by moving the left arm down 6-12 inches without moving the body.

a From this point combine the downward swing of the hands and arms with the turning of the body to face the target. Allow the arms to swing to the finish position as described.

a At the finish position the upper arms should be level with the ground.

a The right arm is across the body.

a Elbows remain the same width apart and fold allowing the hands to finish alongside the head.

Practice this drill with the use of a mirror.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf. He is now taking signups for adult group lessons, summer sports Camps and junior golf camps. For more information call Gingell at 887-7174.


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