Conference helps pastors on a mission

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Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment is offering a two-day conference in Reno for area pastors whose churches are mission-minded.

With four guest speakers and 30 workshops scheduled, pastors will come away with a plethora of information on how to further the goals of their church.

"This conference is a way for pastors to connect more deeply with the full body of Christ," said the Rev. John D. Dupree, Pacific Central Regional Director for ACMC.

"Pastors can learn new approaches to multiply their ministry to God's world."

Dupree said the purpose the workshops is to teach pastors how to bring the mission fields of the world to America. The workshops will focus on helping local churches.

"We're like a honeybee. We're cross-pollinating churches with churches, sharing learned experiences.

"America is so great because of its natural god-placed resources and the people within it."

Dupree said the "great commission" of Christ is to show that every Christian is empowered by God to do the Lord's work. Christians are chosen ambassadors.

"We're all called to be a part of Christ, not just pastors," said Dupree.

"We're here to impact the whole world. People who are involved with missions are involved with a global mission. The plan is to empower every Christian to be involved with God's global plan."

Some of the workshops include "Organizing Great Local Church Missions Events," "Activating Seven Invisible Resources in Your Church," "Biblical Mandate for God's Church," "How to Recruit and Train a Quality Missions Leadership Team," "Longterm Missions Planning," and "Challenging an Unchallenged Generation."

The conference workshops and seminars are sources of inspiration, knowledge, fellowship and networking for church leaders and missions leadership teams. Training is led by experienced practitioners and is designed for practical use to educate, motivate and empower congregations for sustained involvement in the great commission.

Assisting Dupree with aspects of the conference are Gardnerville residents Al and JoAnn Jacot, who attend Carson City Christian Fellowship.

"Being a Christian requires a whole lot of faith," said Al Dupree.

"Where Bible believing congregations are, there is a better quality of life."

Churches involved with building their missions programs receive periodicals to keep them up to date with the current trends and issues in missions. Each publication provides "how-to" materials and relevant, thought-provoking books, videos and audio tapes.

Access to the church community enables those churches experienced in sending and supporting missionaries to remain effective through mentoring other churches who are just getting started.

"Each church is unique and different," said Dupree.

"God has a special call for each church. He manifests the call by the people He puts in the church to accomplish His work.

"It takes the whole church to reach the whole world."


What: Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment Conference

When: May 17-18

Where: Reno Christian Fellowship, 1700 W. Zolezzi Lane, Reno

Info: (209) 848-2262


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