Pastor hopes march will help all come together in faith

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According to Rev. Victor Romero, everything starts with a little bit of history.

He came to Carson City from Van Nuys, Calif., in 1994 to teach a class at Rock of Salvation Church. He felt a calling from God in his heart, to help the church.

On one of his trips to Carson City, something new happened in heart.

"God spoke to me about a book in chapter 37 of Ezekiel, verses 15-28," said Romero.

"It was what God spoke to the people of Israel. To unite the different tribes so they could become one people and worship one king and defeat their enemies."

It was similar to the vision Romero had in January 1995. One day, he decided to obey God and climbed a hill on the west side of Carson City to talk with God. On this climb he took with him a list of churches in Carson City.

"I prayed to God in that place. I shared with Him the idea. In that same week, I met a pastor in Reno, Francisco Aranda, from the Fountainhead Foursquare Church. Without him knowing of my idea, he related to me that another pastor, Cliff McCorkey of University of Faith church in Reno, received the same idea."

Romero said within him, he knew something big was about to happen. The Rock of Salvation Church was very small and had very little strength. The church made a formal invitation for Romero to be pastor.

"At the beginning, I said no. Then after putting my thoughts together and praying with my wife and church in Van Nuys, I decided to come here."

Romero said God put him in touch with several pastors in Reno and they formed a union, called "Amen," the Association of Evangelical Ministers in Nevada."

With this group, Romero and his church had the opportunity to participate in a March for Jesus.

"It was the first time the march was with American pastors of this city."

Since then, Romero has met with pastors Steve Storey, Pat Propster, Ben Fleming and Brian Cahill, all with churches in Carson City.

"To date, I have good communication with them," said Romero.

"They have the same idea of tearing down walls between denominations and cultural walls.

"And we've already seen it with the case of Resendiz. The day in court, groups of Native Americans walked from one side of the city to the courthouse for the young people involved in the problem. On the other side of town, a group of Hispanics and religious organizations also walked to the court."

Romero said outside there were different people from different churches all praying for peace in the city.

"We believe it is the church that is the body of Christ, that possesses the key to the city and the authority on the city."

Moved by the spirit of God, Romero is now inviting all churches, all denominations, to march for the city in a united presentation.

He is organizing a march that will begin from the three entrances to Carson City: Highway 50 East and Highway 395 north and south.

Each group will leave at 9 a.m. and walk to the Pony Express Pavilion. Romero expects each walk to take about an hour.

"We will begin from Slot World on Highway 50 East, Kmart on north 395 and Raley's on South 395. Everyone will meet at Pony Express Pavilion. There we will gather to proclaim our faith.

"For the first time, we will have representation from African Americans, Native Americans, Anglo, Hispanics, Jewish Christians and other cultures and various ministers of worship. The ministers will bring the message of God in a bilingual presentation. We will ask for racial reconciliation, forgiveness for sins of this city and the sins of generations.

"We do this with the hope that God will change the atmosphere and church to have a better community."

Highlighting the day will be live Christian music including a mariachi band, food and refreshments. Romero said the time spent at the Pony Express Pavilion will be to share faith with other Christians and get to know their neighbors.

"We are to be there for God," said Romero. "To proclaim and worship the Lord. It will be a good day.

"God sent me here for a purpose. This is one of them."


What: "Proclaiming our Faith" march

When: 9 a.m. June 29

Where: Three starting locations -- Slot World, Super Kmart, Raley's; central meeting location is Pony Express Pavilion, Mills Park

Cost: Free

Information: 883-3770


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