County takes next step in support of intercounty water-sewer connections

DAYTON -- Lyon County commissioners have given their support to continued discussions to extend Carson City sewer and water services to the Mound House area.

Carson City officials will consider the issue Nov. 21.

Proposed agreements between Lyon and Carson City resulted from several months of meetings set up by the Carson Water Subconservancy District.

"We looked into the mutual benefits and research projects in other areas and we felt there are enough benefits to both communities that we supported this," said Subconservancy manager Ed James.

One benefit would be lower costs associated with having one regional sewer plant.

Homes and businesses in Mound House are on individual septic systems.

Dayton Utilities Manager Mark Clarkson said the county for the past year and a half has been exploring various scenarios.

"They are looking to develop the eastern side of the city along Highway 50 into that area and it would just be a good time for us to connect with them," Clarkson said. "We have met with city staff and utilities people and the memorandum of understanding is only indicating we will continue to work together to see if it will be feasible to go that route. This is only the first step in lengthy negotiations if we decide to tie-in."

Lyon County would be a customer of Carson City, and all billing and setting of rates would be within the utility district.

James said the water tie-in presented a different scenario, as Lyon County is not in immediate need of additional water. The joint effort is to take advantage of Carson City's plans to enlarge its service lines on the eastern side of town.

"The subconservancy district would be fronting money to Lyon County to (enlarge) its system. It is far cheaper to upsize new lines now than build new lines in the future," James told the board Tuesday. "Here is an opportunity to take advantage of all of this, and it ties into our overall scheme of things for the future."

James said Carson City will not be selling its water to Lyon County, and the subconservancy district is looking into developing other water resources that can fill the expanded pipeline.

New water lines are being constructed in Mound House, tying the system into Dayton. Clarkson said a tie-in with Carson would enable water to be moved east and west through the area if needed, particularly in an emergency.

"This is how far we have come in three years," Clarkson said of past attitudes regarding regional water issues. "We have been working really well with the city and the subconservancy district. It's a real positive outlook to help everybody in a regionalization approach."


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