Time for political signs to come down

Campaign signs will be unwanted items beginning today as the deadline for leaving the signs on display passed Tuesday.

Candidates and political groups have two weeks from Election Day, which was Nov. 5, to remove signs in Carson City.

"If signs are left up after that time period, we go into compliance mode," said Walt Sullivan, city planning director.

The city will send out its code enforcement officer today to note locations of illegal signs. Candidates are given written notice. If the sign hasn't been removed after the third notice, a citation will be issued, Sullivan said.

While Title 20 of the Carson City Municipal Code sets the 14-day deadline, a 30-day limit set by Nevada law holds sway for any political signs legally placed on state highway rights-of-way.

A violation of the municipal ordinance is a misdemeanor, but Carson City officials have not sought prosecution regarding political signs in many years.

A successful prosecution could result in fines up to $1,000 per violation and six months in jail.

While campaign signs in Carson City dotted the landscape last month, a quick tour around town this week turned up few of them.


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