Sheriff's candidate will name female officer as under sheriff -- if elected

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A female lieutenant at the Carson City Sheriff's Department has been named by Bob Guimont as his under sheriff.

Guimont, 35, a deputy with the department who is one of two men running for sheriff, announced during a forum at the Community Center on Thursday night that if elected sheriff, he will appoint Lt. Beverly Moltz, a 24-year-veteran of law enforcement, as his under sheriff.

Moltz, 55, was recently appointed lieutenant of detectives after 18 years with patrol.

"I had no idea he was going to announce that tonight," a surprised Moltz said shortly after Guimont made the statement in response to the question.

Moltz said Guimont approached her following the primary election and she said she was honored to be selected.

"Bob Guimont is real. He wants to make this the best department in the state. I'm in full support of his ideas and programs," she said.

Moltz would be the first women ever to serve as under sheriff for the department if Guimont is elected.

"I know I can do the job," she said confidently.

Opponent Ken Furlong, 45, an investigator with the Nevada Division of Investigation, verified the rumor that Lt. Steve Albertson with NDI is in the running as his under sheriff, but he admitted he hasn't made a decision yet.

"I haven't finalized anything yet, but he would be exemplary in the under sheriff position," he said.

Both Guimont and Furlong answered questions from an audience of 125 people -- including a number of off-duty officers -- for about three hours during the forum hosted by the Carson City Sheriff's Protective Association.

The association, which publicly endorsed Guimont three months ago, decided on the town hall-type forum to give the people a chance to ask questions directly of the candidates, said Vice President Darrin Sloan.

One woman who is actively lobbying against the legalization of marijuana asked both men what their stand was on that, and if either of them drank alcohol or smoked marijuana.

"If there's anything I hate it's a drinker," she said.

Furlong characterized his alcohol consumption as "occasional."

Guimont said he is not a drinker and has only been drunk twice, once as a teenager and once after three members of the Special Operations Response Team, who were leaving for jobs in another state, asked to see him drunk as their final request.

"It was not much of an experience for me," he said laughing.

Both denied smoking marijuana.

The general election is Nov. 5.


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