Carson City's Question 1: an overview

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Some Carson City residents want to save it. Carson City leaders want to market it for a shopping center.

The Carson City Fairgrounds and Fuji Park sit at the middle of a nearly three-year controversy pitting the city's commitment to open space and quality of life against a need for retail development. What will happen to the 15-acre site is up to city voters.

On Nov. 5, Carson City Question 1 will ask voters, "While retaining and improving the area known as Fuji Park, should Carson City make available for commercial development City property known as the Carson City Fairgrounds?"

To city leaders, it's a clear indication of their intent to preserve Fuji Park while creating an opportunity to compete for sales tax dollars crucial to the city's budget. To those opposed to the question, the wording is a double-edged sword. Vote yes, and the fairgrounds could be sold. Vote no, and could that mean then Fuji Park would no longer be preserved? They argue consideration of selling the fairgrounds is a slap in the face to the the 1996 Quality of Life initiative that promised park improvements and open-space preservation. They ask, if this piece of the park system can be sold, what is next?

Last Sunday, the Nevada Appeal began examining Carson City's Question 1. Today's package is the second in a series on Fuji Park. Subsequent segments in the series will appear later this week

-- Amanda Hammon


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