Finish the swing

Continuing to cure the slice:

After the initiation of the forward swing we continue through impact and to the finish position.

This should synchronize motion of the arms and body with them arriving at the finish together. The key to this part of the swing is that the hips, shoulders, hands and arms are rotating together around the pivot point of the stable left leg.

As the body rotates the right knee is pulled laterally to point along side the left. The right heel has been pulled up and the entire sole of the shoe is visible. At the completion of the swing the weight is all on the left foot with the right toe being used for balance.

The hips and chest are facing the target and the hands are along side the head. The club is across the neck and not straight down the back.

Your height should remain constant. This means that the body will have a slight tilt to the right matching the body angle at the address position.

Balance is a great indication of good technique. Practice the swing in stages.

Complete the back swing, initiate the forward swing and swing to the finish. Practice this drill and then hit some balls without trying to manipulate the club. Feel that the club is riding the momentum created by the rotation of the body.

Terry Gingell is the PGA Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf Club and can be reached at 887-7174.


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