Ignoring pedestrians is unacceptable

Sheriff Kenny Furlong got off on the right foot as far as Carson City pedestrians are concerned.

A week after a man was killed trying to cross Carson Street in front of the FISH Thrift Store, Furlong had deputies patrolling crosswalks and writing tickets.

With the help of Eric Glick, the state Transportation Department's bicycle/pedestrian specialist, the deputies wrote more than a dozen citations at $115 each.

It isn't the first time Glick has put himself in the line of traffic to try to reinforce the idea among motorists that pedestrians in crosswalks must be allowed to cross safely.

Over the years, there have been several such "stings" -- and each time, at least by our observation, more drivers paid more attention to people trying to cross the street.

Furlong said the death of Anthony Maes, 48, hit home because it came on the day Furlong was sworn into office. And although the circumstances were a bit different -- a driver was making a right turn at a traffic light when he hit Maes -- the principle remains the same.

Carson City residents needed to see a serious, visible response from the Sheriff's Department to a serious, visible accident.

Beyond the dozen or so people who got tickets, the message spreads that ignoring pedestrians is unacceptable here. Now it's up to all of us to heed the warning.


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