Student leader drops some knowledge

Megan Petterson will relinquish her role as student body president to Maria Urbina during a ceremony Monday.

These are Megan's thoughts.

Lessons learned:

One of the lessons that had the greatest impact on me was learning how much could be accomplished when working with a group of people who are truly dedicated and committed to a project.

Carson High School provides support to its students and staff, community service and fund-raising efforts for different charities. There are many projects for these activities throughout the year, none of which could be accomplished by one person alone.

The strongest lesson learned for me personally was to realize that I was capable of meeting expectations and challenges that come with the responsibility of being in charge.

Advice to Maria Urbina:

Maria, each president is different in their own way. Be yourself.

Your beliefs, opinions and judgments are different from mine, and from those of previous student body presidents. That is what brings the spice to our leadership class.

What makes a leader unique is someone who can take what they have learned from the past years and turn their results into their own creation.

Improve what you saw that has failed and turn each situation into a positive. Not everyone will be happy or understanding with each decision made, nor will each event be without problems, but you must push past them.

Communication and delegation are the most important parts of being a leader.

You have such a gifted council to work with, make sure to utilize all of their talents, dedication and hard work. As a leader, we are only as good as those who work with us.

Always look on the bright side and find that PINK ray of light when all is dark.

Thank yous:

-- It is very difficult to voice my thanks and appreciation to our leadership adviser, Mrs. Stoddard.

She has given so much more than just her time to the leadership class. She is a truly dedicated and amazing woman.

On a daily basis, she selflessly gives her time, guidance and heart to each person who crosses her path.

She has taught me by example of what a leader should be and that has greatly influenced me and my term as student body president.

-- I am thankful to live in a community that is so supportive and generous. Our community is always behind its youth and generous toward charitable organizations.

This community has provided a wonderful school filled with a great student body and an educated, experienced and caring faculty.

-- As principal in charge of both faculty and student body, Mr. Adair continues to provide an open-door policy, which allows problems and new ideas to be addressed. He is always in favor of any activity that has a positive influence on the student body and school.

-- It is such a blessing to have a loving and supportive family. I cannot thank them enough for tolerating and putting up with me during my term.

They were always encouraging and willing to help with whatever I needed. The only thing they asked is that I remember and return the same to my children.

Words of farewell to CHS:

Remember we come from a great and wonderful school with the opportunity to accomplish many things.

Make friends, make a difference in the community and grow as people. It is up to you as a student to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to you.

Don't forget to have fun and cherish your high school years.


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