Truckee man named sexiest dad by parent

TRUCKEE -- Adrian Thompson thinks she is married to one of America's sexiest dads. Parent magazine thinks so, too.

In the July issue of the magazine, Scott Thompson, 27, a Truckee photographer and stay-at-home dad, is featured among 12 other sexy dads in the United States.

"He's very active in [our son's] life," said Adrian Thompson. "He does everything the moms do."

A few months ago, she responded to an article in a monthly newsletter from Parent requesting mothers to write if they thought their husbands were sexy dads and why.

"He's sexy to me," she said. "I think he's gorgeous. I just think he's really considerate and romantic."

Although she was unsure whether Parent was planning to write an article or give prizes, she wrote an e-mail with her husband's photo attached.

"I didn't know what was going to happen," she said. "I was really surprised when I heard back."

Not as surprised as Scott Thompson. His wife showed him the e-mail she had sent to the magazine after she told him he'd been selected.

"He was very touched. He had first tried to keep it quiet because he didn't want to be harassed by the other dads, but it's turned into a great thing, and he's proud," Thompson said.

The magazine published a picture of Thompson and his 2-year-old son, Kane, and a quote from Adrian Thompson. He won a free photo session with his family and a framed picture, worth about $100 total.

Adrian Thompson said when she was pregnant, her husband showed signs of being a devoted father by joining her at her doctor's appointments. "He's a great role model for Kane," Thompson said. "Actually, they dress almost exactly the same."

Scott Thompson never thought his career would include diapers, cleaning and grocery shopping. The Thompsons considered day care, but looking back, Scott said he's glad he chose to stay home.

"It's definitely turned out to be more of a job then I'd thought it'd be," he said. "(Kane) taught me a lot about patience."

Now that Kane is older, his naps are growing fewer and farther between, which makes it difficult for Thompson to run his new photography business.

"I get about two hours a day to work on the business," he said. But with the upcoming ArTour through the Sierra Artist Network and having his work featured in Northwoods magazine, his photography career "seems to be taking off."

Adrian Thompson is a full-time certified public accountant for Denali Consulting. Because her job was the higher paying of the two, it made sense for her to work.

"I love it. I've been a CPA for years and years, and this is what I do," she said. "It's worked out perfect, I think."

The couple moved to Truckee from Sherman Oaks, Calif., in April. They joined the Truckee Family Connection after they heard about it from a friend. It has helped them to meet people.

The constant work and attention Scott Thompson puts into raising Kane makes him "truly a father of the new generation," his wife said.


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