Ruvalcaba finally conquers 'The Summit'

(Carson City welterweight Simon Ruvalcaba is in Big Bear training camp in Big Bear, Calif., where he will be preparing through July 2 for his fight on July 12 at Caesars Tahoe. Here is part five of his daily journal.)

Big Bear, Calif. -- Saturday, June 28. Day six.

Today started at 7 a.m. with a run up "the summit." This time wasn't like last Tuesday. I conquered the mountain! I ran the whole way up, and felt less tired than last time. We had to change our path a little because of some bike race that was happening. That's it for the day as far as training. We have off until Monday.

One thing that you should keep in mind regarding our training is that our workouts, whether light, medium or hard, are conducted in the old "Kronk" fashion. Bob, like Emanuel Steward, turns up the heat in the gym. Our workouts are conducted in 90 degree temperature and above.

Before I get a little into my personal side, I want to let you know of some things I have left out. (Trainer) Bob (Davison's) wife Dawn works at a shelter for battered women. I think those kinds of service jobs are really cool.

Bob's family is a strong Christian one.

(Brother and sister boxers) D.J. and Marilyn Salcido's parents invited me to their home in Rialto. D.J. has some cool homies. D.J. cruised me around town with some of his friends. We went to the mall in Ontario called Ontario Mills, although we still can't really party or anything. We just cruise around and come back home.

Mr. and Mrs. Salcido welcomed me into their home. I have been grateful in my life to have seen many areas in this country and around the world. My mom is the type that would just love to travel all the time if she had the money. God willing, one day I will be able to afford to send my mom to see the places I have seen.

That is part of my motivation that drives me to want to succeed in my profession.

When I get personal time off away from boxing, I'm pretty much a simple person. I enjoy a simple night at home watching a movie just as much as going to a club.

I will stay the night in Rialto and hang out here throughout the day tomorrow, before we head back to Big Bear on Monday morning. We are about an hour from Big Bear.

Also today, Adriano, one of D.J.'s friends who is an amateur fighter, won his fight in Anaheim.

Sunday, June 29. Day seven.

Today marks a week since I arrived at Big Bear. I spent another day in Rialto at the Salcido household.

Sundays for me are always my day. I normally take Sundays to myself. I finish up the week's duties and prepare for the upcoming week.

It's a nice neighborhood here. There is a good diversity of residences. Coming from the Army, I got used to hanging out with people of all ethnicities and culture. Lake Tahoe is missing certain elements of diversity. It's basically Hispanic, white, and Filipino. The area here in Rialto is a good study of my ethnic and cultural philosophy. That's a different subject you can talk to me personally about. That's all I'll say about today to the public, but between me and the fellas, today I can describe in one word, "Gothom."

Tomorrow starts the week of training at Big Bear. We will roll out early in the morning. Many thanks to the Salcido family for inviting me into their home.

At 18, D.J. reminds me a lot of myself at 18. Now, at 25 and growing older, I feel as if it's my responsibility to start being the right example to young fighters like D.J. A lot of things are tempting, but I would tell any young fighter that part of the sacrifice of being a boxer is that you refrain from doing what a lot of other 18-year-olds do.

Even if I haven't always been the best example in life, I try to be there for others and to help them not fall in the same traps that I have in the past. Someone once said that athletes are ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. As I mature, I understand more and more the sacrifice it will take to be successful.

One more thing. While I said Bob encourages enjoyment of your time off, by no means is he talking about partying. I'm sure if his fighters didn't have family nearby, or if they were about to be in a big fight, he wouldn't allow them outside of Big Bear at all.


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