Carson City will assume care for C-Hill flag should foundation disband

With underlying support from the Carson City Board of Supervisors, a new C Hill flag may be constructed by Sept. 11.

Supervisors voted unanimously Thursday to assume responsibility for maintenance and repair or removal of the flag, should the C Hill Foundation ever disband.

The foundation is a private organization that raises funds for the project and will build a new flag this year.

A 120-foot by 67-foot flag was first built above the "C" following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but was destroyed by strong winds in December. The foundation has since raised funds to build a more permanent flag at the site. Many community groups have donated to the project.

U.S. Forest Service officials working on issuing the foundation a 5-year permit to place the flag on the forest service land said they needed the city's support before issuing the permit.

"We're trying to foresee what issues may arise," said Larry Randall, supervisory forester for the Humbold-Toiyabe National Forest. "It's a rather substantial structure."

The flag will be anchored by cement blocks and will be made up of 390 individual panels attached to a frame. It will be held off the ground in respect of the symbol, said Supervisor Robin Williamson, also president of the foundation. An Eagle Scout is also building a wood bench to b e placed at the bottom of the flag for viewing.

By agreeing to assume responsibility of maintenance and repair if the foundation should fold, the city enabled the Forest Service to move forward with the permit. Construction should begin in time for completion by Sept. 11, Randall said.

Supervisor Livermore said he can't imagine the flag would ever have to be removed. With the overwhelming community support the project has already received, many supervisors were confident that the community would step up and help pay for any future costs.

"The flag is a symbol of our country and everything we strive for," Livermore said. "If there are needs for restoration and maintenance, I'm sure this community has hundreds of people who would put their dollars forward to do that."


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