Nevada rethinks marketing campaign to broaden state's appeal

Bring It On won't be back for the fall.

The ambitious, year-old promotional campaign geared to the hard-core adventurer will be over in July, with a new advertising agency planning to change the market focus for the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

The Bring It On campaign was developed by R&R Advertising of Reno, the commission's agency of record for 16 years.

The commission Monday night awarded the account to DRGM, based in Las Vegas with an office in Reno.

"We don't see Nevada as one that should bring it on," said DRGM President Michael Mayes.

After the agency and commission complete contract negotiations, Mayes plans to start work on creating a campaign appealing to more of the soft adventurer.

When equating the difference for Lake Tahoe residents, Mayes related to the experiences of the kayaker who paddles around the entire lake in comparison to the one who kayaks from Tahoe Keys to the Beacon restaurant for a drink.

"We need to broaden the market. The people in the (current) campaign is a very small demographic. The people we want to reach should see ads and say to themselves: 'I see myself there,'" he said, calling the target audience as one consisting of people looking for self discovery.

He also suggested the Silver State market itself more to Nevadans.


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