Las Vegas gunman sentenced after firing from bus

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- A man who took his 2-year-old son from his ex-girlfriend's home and boarded a bus before exchanging gunfire with police was sentenced to 56 years in prison.

Daniel James Sigler, 22, of Las Vegas was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to one count of attempted murder and three counts of assault on a peace officer.

No one was hurt in the shootout that occurred April 21.

Sigler has also been charged in a Las Vegas murder case, as well as an assault, kidnapping and several carjackings in southern Nevada, Deputy District Attorney Keri Modder said. He will be returned to Nevada to face those charges.

Police said Sigler broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend's mother in Long Beach and demanded money before firing two shots and leaving with his son.

Later, a bus driver who had heard a description of Sigler recognized him and the boy among his passengers. The driver contacted a dispatcher then faked mechanical trouble so he could get off the bus and meet quietly with police behind the vehicle.

When officers ordered passengers off the bus, Sigler fired through a bus window, striking a police car, police said. Officers fired back, but no one was hit.

Sigler let his son exit the bus before surrendering.


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