Carson City dads are a well-liked bunch

Ricky Rehbein likes when his father Russell calls him "Daba Dude."

"I don't know why he calls me that," the 10-year-old boy said Friday. "But I like it."

Ricky, who's father makes "shiny things" and makes him laugh, was one of a handful of children at the Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada who gladly talked about their dads.

Jazzmin Jacinto, 8, says her step-dad, Chuck, is terrific.

"The best thing about my dad is that he's special to me, he could save me from anything that could hurt me," she said. "He protects me."

Joseph Lopez Jr.'s reasons for liking his dad were heartfelt.

"I like my dad because he cares about me and loves me," said Joseph, 10.

Race car driver Jeff Gordon has a fan in Kyle John McLeod of Carson City, but McLeod apparently has a bigger fan in 9-year-old Kiara Sanchez.

When asked to talk about her dad, Kiara listed what he likes.

"He likes race cars and his favorite racer is Jeff Gordon," she said. "He bought me my first pair of roller blades and he turned 31 (Thursday.) I love him."

Jacob Williams, 8, loves his dad too.

"He spoils me a lot. He goes bowling with me. We play games," he said.

Jacob took a moment to think of the one thing he'd change about his dad if he could. "I'd change him to be even nicer," he finally said.

Jordyn Raiche, 10, doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to giving his dad, Todd, high marks.

"He's my favorite dad in the whole entire world," he announced.

Katie Bergey, 10, said she wishes she could see her dad, Dennis, more often then just weekends.

"I don't get to see him very much," she said. "He loves me and I love him."

The coolest thing about 10-year-old Amanda Slabaugh's dad, Ryan, is where he's from.

"He grew up in Alaska," she said proudly. "And he barely yells at me."

Her little brother Erich, 7, had his own barometer on which he rated his dad's likability.

"He buys me stuff and he takes me to Burger King and he calls me buddy," he said. "Whenever we try to tickle him, he starts laughing like a crazy man."

Seven-year-old Alex Campos wasn't the least bit stumped when asked what makes his dad, Danny, cool.

"He wears sunglasses a lot," he said.


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