More veterans eligible for tax exemptions under new law

Veterans who served in direct support of the conflicts in Kosovo, Grenada or Afghanistan are now eligible for property tax exemptions through the state.

Those eligible need to visit the county office in their place of residency to apply for the exemptions, said Carson City Assessor Dave Dawley.

"It's a little kind of way of saying thank you for doing this, for putting your life on the line," Dawley said.

The exemptions begin July 1, but residents who wish to apply the $1,750 exemption on real property taxes for next year must apply before June 20. Those who qualify can also save $70 on the governmental service tax on vehicle registrations.

Carson City applicants can visit the county assessor's office at City Hall, 201 N. Carson St., No. 6, to apply. Required are DD214 discharge papers showing an honorable discharge, and a Nevada driver's license. Applicants will be asked to verbally verify they served in support of eligible conflicts.

Forms can also be downloaded from the assessor's section of the city's Web site at


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