Capture Nevada's women at history conference

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Austin singer Emma Nevada will take the stage again Saturday at Piper's Opera House to perform for members of the Nevada Women's History Project.

Sixth generation Nevadan Mary McNeill of the Sparks Little Theater touring troupe will appear on stage as Emma at Piper's at 7 p.m.

Attendance at McNeill's performance is $10 for adults, $5 for children or $20 for families. Dinner at the Delta and the performance, which is open to the public, is $25 per adult.

McNeil is a lyric soprano with roots in both the Lahontan and Mason valleys, and she has performed at both Piper's and the Brewery Arts Center last Nevada Day.

McNeil portrays the singer Emma Nixon, who moved to Austin in 1862 at age 3 and grew up singing. She changed her last name to Nevada when she debuted at Her Majesty's Theater in London in honor of the state that raised her.

The performance comes at the conclusion of a daylong conference of the Nevada Women's History Project at Virginia City's Fourth Ward School.

Organizer Cherry Jones said conference members hope to focus on returning to their roots during the conference.

"The object of the organization is that the history of women in Nevada is not forgotten," she said.

The conference, entitled Capturing Nevada Women, is focusing on four ways to keep the history of women in the state alive.

Eileen Cohen will offer a presentation on oral history with the help of Carson City women Muriel Darling, Gertrude T. Gottschalk, Allice Downer, Genevieve Felesina, Nevada Hale-Byron and Kay Winters.

Other methods of preserving history include a session on performing chautauqua by Doris Dwyer, Gwen Clancy will discuss videotaping history and Carrie Townley Porter will discuss researching women in history.

Anyone interested in participating in the Women's History Project should call Jones at 267-3410.


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