Keyboard theft a hardship for family

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An arrangement Rosemary Baley called a "marvelous association" was marred this week when someone walked off with the keyboard her disabled son used to make tips -- only weeks before the mother and son move to Ohio.

"I never had dreamed I'd get a keyboard stolen at Sizzler," said Tim Baley, dressed in a vest and bow tie as he prepared for a small concert Wednesday night using a rented keyboard.

Baley's Yamaha keyboard has been missing since Tuesday, when he arrived at the North Carson Street restaurant to entertain diners with music.

For the past year, Baley, 50, who is diagnosed with "mild retardation" and cerebral palsy, has played his keyboard at Sizzler for tips. His artwork is for sale in the restaurant as well.

The loss of his instrument proves a financial hardship on a family still reeling from the loss of Baley's father Jerry in December.

Rosemary Baley said she's received several calls from people offering her keyboards. But her pianist son uses a professional one with 88 weighted keys -- something the average keyboard doesn't have.

"He's tried ones with 78 keys, but they don't have what the large one does," she said. "A lot of people have called, and what they have is just too little. Someone, someplace might be able to use it, but Tim can't."

Sizzler general manager Henry Laird said a customer came in Wednesday to say she'd last seen the keyboard at about 7:30 p.m. Monday night. Laird said that when he closed the store at 9 p.m., the keyboard wasn't on its stand near the front door. It didn't alarm him, he said, because Baley often took the keyboard for other gigs elsewhere.

"So in that hour and a half it was taken," he said. "It wasn't until Tuesday afternoon when Tim came in that we realized it was gone."

Laird said customers who were in the restaurant Monday night might be able to help find out what happened to the keyboard.

"If anyone saw anything, if they have some kind of description of the person, I'd ask them to please call Sizzler of the (Carson City) Sheriff's Department," he said.

The importance of finding or replacing the keyboard is to "get Tim back to where he needs to be," Laird said.

The keyboard has a chipped bass key and a scratch on its left rear side.

Rosemary Baley said because they are packing up their home for a June 30 move to Ohio to be closer to family, she is unable to find the keyboard's serial number.

Baley is asking pawn shop staff to keep an eye out for her son's keyboard.

"If they should get a keyboard, please call the police station," she said.


Anyone with information on the theft of Tim Baley's keyboard can call the Carson City Sheriff's Department at 887-2020, ext. 1400; or Sizzler at 883-3033.


For information on Baley's other accomplishments go to


What: Tim Baley's farewell concert

When: 3 p.m. June 21

Where: Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall, 511 W. King St.


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