Gardnerville man publishes first children's book

"A Gray, Gray World" is the first published story by four-year Gardnerville resident Ryan Cunningham.

Cunningham said he wrote the book in response to bad things, such as the April 20, 1999, Columbine shooting, happening in the world to children.

In the quiet town of Grayfield lives a young boy name Gary Gray in a gray house with a gray fence in front. The people of Grayfield are very neighborly and life continues in the same routine each day.

But even though Grayfield is Gary's home, where he can live freely and happily, he begins to wonder if there is something missing in his life. He has an empty feeling deep inside, although he doesn't understand why. One day, however, Gary makes a remarkable discovery of which no one else in town is aware. What could it be?

"It's an inspirational story to help children find a better way of life,:" he said.

A poet, the 31-year-old who came to the Carson Valley from Daytona Beach, Fla., said he began writing in high school.

"It took some creative writing classes and got real interested," he said. "I liked it more than anything else.

Cunningham says he hopes the story can change children's lives.

The illustrated book is sold at the Manger and at Mom's Bookstore in Carson City and the Christian Bookstore in Gardnerville for $5.95.


Ryan Cunningham's poetry Web site


Gary Gray lives with his mom, dad and younger sister, Gracie, in the quiet town of Grayfield. They live in a two-story gray house with a gray fence surrounding an acre and a half of land. Gray shrubs grow on either side of the gray garage where Dad parks the gray family sedan. In the middle of the front yard is a huge, gray oak tree with a gray tire swing hanging from it.


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