Free Fishing Days

June 14 will be Free Fishing Day in Nevada.

There is no need to have a fishing license on those two special dates.

However, be advised that you will need to abide by all of the regular rules and regulations that govern whatever California or Nevada water(s) you will be fishing.

So don't be tempted to do something illegal. If you break the law and get caught, the "friendly old game warden" may not be too friendly and it could be a very expensive, painful experience.

To insure that your up-coming, free fishing days will be a memorable experience, the California Department of Fish and Game, various California Counties and the Nevada Division of Wildlife have been busy as bees, planting thousands of trout into many of their waters.

So, on June 7, pick out a fishing destination in California, pack a huge picnic lunch with all kinds of "goodies," load everyone (young and old) into the family vehicle and then go enjoy a day of fun in the Great Outdoors.

Then, on June 14, repeat the entire process in Nevada.

No matter where you decide to go fishing, plan to spend June 7 and June 14 enjoying one of America's top three most popular outdoor sports (the other two are swimming and bicycling).

Most importantly, you can do it absolutely free for the entire day on both days.

Have fun and good luck on those free fishing days in California and Nevada.


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