In a New York state of mind

The Rev. Rich Lammay spent many years staying away from big cities -- New York especially. But after Sept. 11, 2001, his outlook changed.

In December 2001, his trip to Ground Zero became the most memorable trip of his life.

Given the opportunity, Lammay would return and do exactly what he did the first week of December 2001: make himself available to care for whomever God directs him to.

"The most amazing thing still, to this day, is the atmosphere at Ground Zero," Lammay said. Lammay, pastor of High Sierra Fellowship in Gardnerville, was at the World Trade Center site as a volunteer pastor. He assisted with food lines, toy shopping and as a friend.

"It was like reverence and serenity. Just a totally different atmosphere than anywhere else in the city. Manhattan was bustling with people, horns and Christmas decorations. At Ground Zero -- no horns, people were walking around with dazed looks on their faces. And this was December, two months later."

Lammay said the opportunity to be there to help people was remarkable.

"I felt like in some small way, God used me in some people's lives. I felt like our time together -- however brief it was -- was for the good of God."

While in New York City, Lammay said, he would stand in a crowd of people, look at the faces, and then talk to people. He would share and give them hope through the Gospel.

"Today, the No. 1 thing is, let's never forget what happened," Lammay said.

"This was an unprovoked attack on our nation. We can't forget the feelings we had that day. These were brutal murderers and their type is still out there.

"We need to pray for our president and our nation. Our leaders need to have great wisdom to deal with it in our future. It's the world we live in and they're still out there."

Lammay said we also should constantly pray for the people and try to be involved at a local level to whatever degree, and help guide our nation for the future.

"Our hope is in God. Although man does evil stuff, God is always good."


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