Working on the pivot motion

The pivot motion is the movement of the body for the entire golf swing.

It positions the body throughout the swing in such a way that the arms are free to swing the club on the correct plane. A good pivot motion generates power by creating momentum and rhythm. The following is a simple and effective drill that trains the body to move correctly throughout the swing.

Hold a club across the shoulders. This makes it easy to see how much the body has turned. The back swing is a 90 degree rotation of the shoulders and chest around the right thigh. As the upper body turns the lower body should resist. The body turns around the angle of the spine created at the address position resulting in the left shoulder being slightly lower than the right at the completion of the back swing.

The forward swing is initiated by the hips and shoulders. They rotate in a synchronized motion around the pivot point of the left foot. The shoulders have rotated about twice as much as the hips on the back swing. With this in mind the hips lead the forward swing. This does not mean that the shoulders stay back or do not turn. The shoulders catch up to the hips after impact.

To allow the hips to turn fully the right knee must move laterally to a point alongside the left.

The right heal comes up above the toe. At the completion of the forward swing the hips and shoulders are facing the target with the weight entirely on the front foot. The right shoulder is lower than the left.

Practice this drill with the use of a mirror. Repetition teaches the

movements to occur instinctively, the mark of a quality golf swing.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley and can be reached at 887-7174.

In attached photo, by Jean Bondiett: Coach Gingell and two members of the

CHS Golf Team demonstrate a dril for the pivot motion--Left, Terry Gingell

in address position; Center, Samantha Wang in the backswing; Right, Grace

Ray in the follow-through.


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