Hearing delayed in Silver Springs Fatal

A Silver Springs man accused of killing three people while driving drunk has had his hearing delayed so his attorney can have the accident investigation reviewed by an expert.

Mark Fejervary was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Thursday in the deaths of Harold Marek, 63; his grandson Robert Marek, 16; and neighbor Louis Norton,15.

The three were killed July 31, 2002, when their vehicle was struck at the intersection of Fir Avenue and Highway 95A in Silver Springs by Fejervary's car.

Charges were filed July 29, nearly a year after the accident, because Aberasturi was having independent investigators review the investigation. Had Harold Marek pulled out in front of Fejevary, the charge would have been very different, Aberasturi said.

Fejervary had been convicted of driving drunk in March 2001. He was also arrested for and pleaded guilty to drunken driving in May, 10 months after the fatal accident.

The November hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to go forward with a trial.

Fejervary is expected to be tried on three felony counts of driving under the influence causing death or three alternate counts of reckless driving causing death, one felony count of third-offense drunken driving, one felony count of third-offense driving while intoxicated and one count of felony third-offense driving while having a blood-alcohol level of .10 or more.

According to the criminal complaint, Fejervary neglected to obey the speed limit, to obey the rules on overtaking vehicles on the left, or to yield the right-of-way to a vehicle in the intersection -- all while being under the influence of alcohol.


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