Mustang Brothel owner reveals plans

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Owner Lance Gilman purchased the historic Mustang Brothel, its logo and name from the Bureau of Land Management in October for $145,000. Now he's trying to put the pieces back together at Wild Horse Canyon Ranch and Spa, a brothel he built a few miles east of the Mustang's original location.

About half the buildings from the Mustang have been moved to Wild Horse Canyon, and Storey County commissioners approved permits for construction of the foundations Tuesday.

The work will start today, Gilman said.

Barring any serious issues, like adverse weather, moving the buildings should be completed by late this month, he said.

The buildings will be used for a brothel and museum, the latter to be housed in Joe and Sally Conforte's quarters. The Confortes were the original owners of the Mustang, Gilman said.

"Their apartment was part of the brothel, and it's a very nice wing," Gilman said. "We've received a lot of donations for the museum, and we're planning to do something nice to preserve history."

BLM officials have been accommodating, Gilman said, but he's been pressured to remove the buildings from the Mustang property. Once that's accomplished, he will take his time with the renovation.

"I'm going to enjoy this. I'm not going to rush," he said.

The brothel will retain the Mustang's original rustic "wagon wheel" decor, and brothel manager Susan Austin has found some French antiques for the museum, Gilman said.

"I can't wait to see what she does with the Mustang," he said.

A deal to settle a lawsuit filed by the Wild Horse's neighbors and an agreement to limit the number of brothels between the Patrick and Tracy-Clark exits in north Storey County to two or three is being negotiated between Storey County, DP Partners and Gilman.

Storey Commission Chairman Bob Kershaw called it a three-way memorandum of understanding.

In exchange for the limits, DP Partners agreed not to pursue legislation attacking brothels or seeking to move county boundary lines, the agreement states.

Gilman said the agreement forces him to scrap plans for another brothel, the Painted Pony, and sign restrictions could hurt his ability to advertise.

Storey County commissioners approved the measure Tuesday with one caveat - that the Wild Horse signs not be restricted to black-and-white, a provision of the agreement.

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