Working on the back swing position

The position of the body for the back swing plays an important role in the golfer's ability to swing the club down to impact on the correct path and with the club face square.

The shoulders and chest control the movement with the lower body providing resistance and stability. The shoulders and chest make a 90-degree rotation around the stable right thigh. The right leg holds its place. There is a little rotation of the hips but no lateral movement.

The right knee should maintain most of its flex as the shoulders and chest rotate. At the completion of the body motion the chest is above the right thigh: The head has been allowed to move where the body took it. The height has remained constant although the head has turned a little and moved an inch or two to the right. You may have heard that the head should remain still throughout the swing. This is simply not true.

n A great drill to develop the correct body position for the back swing is as follows:

n With the feet shoulder width apart place a club on the inside of the right foot.

n Hold another club across the line of the shoulders.

n Adopt the address position.

Rotate the shoulders around the stable right thigh.

n See that the club on the shoulders is above the club on the ground.

n The left shoulder should be lower than the right showing that the height has remained constant.

n Chest above right thigh.

The right knee has remained flexed.

Practice this drill at home using a mirror. You certainly do not want to think of these details on the golf course. Practice this drill to train the movements to occur instinctively.

Terry Gingell is a PGA Class A Professional at Eagle Valley Golf Course. To sign up for group or private lessons call Terry at 690-7970.


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