A correct plane

A great way to get the club on the correct plane as it approaches the ball is to use the hips correctly in conjunction with the shoulders at the start of the down swing.

The reason so many golfers hit the ball with the club approaching the ball from an outside to in plane is that the shoulders race ahead of the hips prior to impact.

At the completion of the back swing the shoulders have turned about 90 degrees with the hips turning half as much. At the start of the forward swing the hips begin turning back to face the ball. At the same time there should be some lateral movement.

The left hip should move to a point above the left foot. As this movement takes place the left shoulder should have moved just an inch or two from under the chin. This correct sequence allows the hands and arms to swing down in front of the right shoulder. Excessive shoulder rotation at this stage causes the club to swing down in front of the left shoulder forcing the club to the outside.

To develop this correct motion, fold your arms across the shoulders and complete the back swing. From this point feel the hips begin to move laterally and rotate at the same time. Feel the shoulders resist the turning of the hips. This is a great drill to practice at home with the use of a mirror. Do not attempt to practice this on the course as it is too technical and may destroy your rhythm.

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