Ambulance membership available

A new program offered by the Carson City Fire Department allows residents to file their important medical information with the city's 911 operators who will use it to inform ambulance crews during emergencies.

The database option is one feature of an ongoing CC-Care+ program. Anyone living or working in the Carson City area who wants to insure themselves for ambulance service is encouraged to enroll.

The $50 fee for individuals and $75 fee for families could save patients hundreds of dollars, said Battalion Chief Vincent Pirozzi.

"It's a great deal," Pirozzi said.

Program members receive ambulance service during the year with no additional fees, including inter hospital transfers within 200 miles. The co-pay for private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid patients is written off by the department.

A typical ambulance ride costs about $700 a trip.

This is the first year the city is promoting the medical information database as an option. Patients place living wills and Do Not Resuscitate orders in the database, along with medical conditions, allergies and history. The information will be accessed by emergency responders who will have the added information before treating the patient.

Thousands of people take advantage of the service, including those who live outside the city. Carson City shares membership with Lyon and Storey counties, making the tri-county service area free-of-charge to members.

City supervisors are expected to increase ambulance fees 71Ú2 percent next week, Pirozzi said. Rates for Medicare and Medicaid patients will remain fixed, however.

Contact Jill Lufrano at or 881-1217.

Sign up for service

Call the Carson City Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Division at 887-2389 or visit 777 S. Stewart St.


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