Man arrested, released in fatal rollover

SILVER SPRINGS - A Silver Springs man suspected of drunken driving in a rollover accident Saturday that killed a 15-year-old boy and injured two others was booked into the Lyon County Jail and released without bail due to his injuries.

Christopher Calibro, 27, is expected to be charged with one count of felony DUI causing death and two counts of felony DUI causing injury in the accident that killed Andrew "Drew" Spencer, 15, about 1 a.m. one mile north of Highway 50 in Silver Springs.

Lyon County Sheriff's Detective Cherie Rye said Calibro suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung; Spencer's brother Neil, 17, suffered a broken jaw and broken sinus bone; and 17-year-old Matt Porter suffered a broken neck Rye described as minor.

Calibro is the Spencers' neighbor, Rye said.

She said the four were four-wheeling in Calibro's king-cab truck when he lost control and rolled the vehicle "more than once" in the desert north of Hackberry Street. Drew Spencer was in the seat behind driver Calibro when the accident occurred.

It's believed one of the truck's occupants called for help from a cell phone, while another of the injured walked to a home nearby. Drew Spencer died at the scene.

"Admittedly, (Calibro) had been drinking. He admitted to driving," Rye said. "It's very sad."

Drew Spencer, whose funeral was Thursday, was a student at Silver Stage High School.

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