Fireworks show returns; donations looked for

The annual fireworks show at RSVP's July Cavalcade of Spectaculars will go on, according to Janice Ayres, executive director of the rural counties program for retired and senior volunteers.

"As always, this is just a real cliffhanger if we're going to get enough money to do the fireworks show," she said. "Everybody thinks someone else should pay for it, and the park is always overflowing with people to see the show. But it's funded mostly by us, RSVP."

"Everyone thinks the city or chamber puts this (fireworks show) on. That can't be farther from the truth. We do it ourselves. The show will go on, but we don't have all the money at this time," Ayres said.

Ayres said she has about $3,000 in a fireworks account. She said her largest supporter of the show is Greater Nevada Credit Union, which has pledged $5,000 of the $15,000 needed to pay for the fireworks. The carnival will be Thursday through Sunday at Mills Park. The pledge from the credit union has yet to be deposited.

"They have always supported our fireworks show. They've been great about it," Ayres said.

Also contributing are Sierra Truss, Adele's, Nevada State Bank, Alpine Insurance and the Mabery family.

"They Mabery family has given us a check for $25 each year. It doesn't sound like much, but if all the families who watch the show were to do that, we'd be OK. We're happy to make the community happy, but not if we have to take money out of our programs.

"RSVP has to pay to make up the difference," she said. "That money takes away from our Home Companion and Lifeline programs. It's that much more we could do for them - we can't. This carnival is our biggest fund-raiser."

The Home Companion program enables people to stay in their home with assistance from a volunteer. Savings are between $60,000 to $80,000 per person annually.

RSVP also holds a carnival on Mother's Day weekend and Nevada Day weekend. Fireworks are part of the Nevada Day celebration and paid through donations and RSVP.

Inland Empire Shows will provide the Mills Park midway and rides, and is bringing the bigger of their two units for the carnival.

"They'll have more and bigger rides for this show. Plus we have the Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association on the west lawn area of Mills Park for a free concert Sunday from 5-8 p.m. before the fireworks show."

Food, refreshments and individual carnival ride tickets will be sold.


What: 12th annual RSVP Cavalcade of Spectaculars

When: 4 p.m.-midnight Thursday; 2 p.m.-midnight Friday; Saturday and Sunday noon-midnight: fireworks at dusk, Sunday

Where: Mills Park

Cost: $19 all-day ride passes; free admittance to midway, carnival

Info: 687-4680


What: Fireworks show donations

Where: First National Bank, 1101 N. Carson St., Carson City, 89702; or mail to RSVP, 501 E. Caroline St., Carson City, 89701

Contact Rhonda Costa-Landers at or 881-1223.


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