Movie filmed in Genoa will air Tuesday

"A Place Called Home," the movie filmed in Genoa in August will air again on the Hallmark Channel at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

For just more than a week in August, actors and crew from the production company Dawpate Ltd. converged on the town.

The movie stars Ann-Margret as a widowed recluse who learns about second chances. It shows various landmarks in Genoa, Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley. The Town Hall, the Genoa Bar and several restaurants are also shown.

The movie aired March 7 on the Hallmark channel.

"I thought it was an excellent movie and it was exciting to see our facilities and other parts of town," said Paul Williams, town manager.

Originally, the movie was entitled "'Till the River Runs Dry," but it aired under "A Place Called Home." It starred longtime actress Ann-Margret as Tula Jeeters, a widow recluse whose livelihood is threatened when relatives try to sell her property to construct a golf course. In the movie, she befriends a drifter, played by Matthew Settle. Actress Hunter Tylo plays Jeeters' wayward niece, and Gary Sandy of "WKRP in Cincinnati" fame played Tula's love interest.

Genoa businesswoman Sue Knight also watched the movie Sunday.

"It's just so much fun to see so many places," she said. "I enjoyed it. I had several neighbors over and we watched it together, (saying) "there is this and there is that.'

"I thought so much would be cut ... but they portrayed the old bar well and the comments here were that everything looked so clean."

Portions of the Genoa Town Hall, the town manager's office, the Genoa Bar, and restaurants La Ferme and Inn Cognito were shown. One scene looked like an overhead shot of Carson Valley with Lake Tahoe superimposed on it.

"I didn't like that. It was the weakest point of the movie," said Knight. "I thought it was fun to see, when they were walking down the streets, the Genoa landmarks in the background."

Resident Betsy Falcke watched the movie Monday evening.

"My husband taped it for me," she said. "I enjoyed it very much. It was way fun to see and identify locations in the town. I thought it was very fun."

Williams said the only complaints he heard from Genoa residents was that they missed the show.


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