Fandango's steak house will open in December

A new restaurant will open inside the Casino Fandango in December for those who salivate to spend the money on a good steak.

The casino's general manager also said the company plans to build a 615-car parking garage and possibly two small hotels on adjacent land.

General Manager Steve Forester said Duke's Steakhouse will be a high-end restaurant for those who want quality steak and lobster.

"We're buying the whole cow, dry-aging it for 28 days and cutting it up," he said about the restaurant's cooking process. "It'll be the best possible meat you can buy."

Forester said he'll employ 40 to 50 people at the steakhouse, bringing Casino Fandango's total employees to 500. Construction on Duke's, which will seat 130 people, began in mid-September.

"It will be a traditional, elegant, high-end restaurant with meals ranging from $17 to $50," he said.

Casino Fandango's entire expansion project - which included more square feet for the casino and buffet - has cost the company $37 million, Forester said.

He said Casino Fandango, 3800 S. Carson St., will be 65,000 square feet when the steakhouse and gift shop are completed. The new gift shop will be located beside the poker room.

Plans also include building the new parking garage in the spring, and possibly two 22,165-square-foot hotels south of the casino.

According to plans submitted to the city, the parking garage will be 132,840 square feet and the two hotels will contain 24 suites.

"The hotels are still up in the air," Forester said.

He said the company has the permits, but the hotels are in the discussion stage.

Walter Sullivan, Carson City director of planning and community development, said city code requires that any structure over 50,000 be approved for a special-use permit. The planning commission approved the special use and water usage permits for Casino Fandango at its Oct. 27 meeting.

"We feel the Fandango Casino project has been an asset at the South Carson Street area," Sullivan said. "They've worked with the city very well. We worked hand-in-hand with not only the casino and restaurant expansion, but also with traffic issues. We look forward to working with them on their parking garage and hotel project.

"We feel they're a real asset to community and a real stimulator for the South Carson economic development program."

Sean Sever, director of operations for Piñon Plaza, said he is looking forward to the competition. He said it's better for customers. The Steakhouse at the Piñon Plaza opened in May 2001.

"Our steakhouse is pretty much at capacity," he said. "We have a $19.99 filet mignon special selling like crazy. We're wall-to-wall people in there. I think competition is good and I think we'll be fine."

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