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On many occasions in my column I have talked about how lucky Karen and I are to live in such a great community as Carson City and how this town embraces its citizens in times of need.

Now, reflecting on the life and times of Adele, my mom and mentor, has been made easier by the tremendous response from the Carson City and Reno communities and throughout the United States. The literally hundreds of cards, personal phone calls and face-to-face chats have given me time to reflect and chuckle while reminiscing about the life my mom so eagerly lived.

Growing up in the restaurant business, our home often became an extension of the restaurant after hours. It was more common than not in the late evening or early morning hours that friends and family would gather at our home for a late/early breakfast of steak and eggs and some of Mom's famous carrot cake.

My mom had a voracious sweet tooth. She definitely loved her desserts. She was also known for her bread pudding, tapioca and fresh fruit-filled Swedish pancakes - plus an opinion or two.

Karen and I thought it would be great to share two of Mom's recipes with you. The bread pudding recipe was a favorite of Gov./Sen. Richard Bryan and First Lady Bonnie Bryan. In fact, one such pudding made its way back to Washington, D.C., when we heard that Bonnie was getting a little homesick. On another occasion, my mom encouraged me to run out of the restaurant and serve the governor and first lady a piping-hot portion of bread pudding and hot chocolate when they co-marshalled the Nevada Day Parade.

My family would be honored if you would consider these family heirloom recipes to share with your family and friends. It is our way to say thank you! As always enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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