Brooklyn Sax quartet Saturday at the Brewery Performance Arts Center

Anyone complaining about "nothing to do" in Carson City last weekend missed some fine music and a delightful BAC Stage Kids' show, "The Pied Piper of Hamelin."

While "The Piper" was performed in the BAC Reynolds Theatre, an encore performance by the Four Classical Guitars of Northern Nevada played upstairs in the BAC Ballroom. A flutist joined in at one point, adding another dimension to the night. Most pleasant music.

Next up is the Brooklyn Sax quartet Saturday at the Brewery Performance Arts Center. Those who heard the group last year will undoubtedly want to hear them again. And anyone who loves jazz won't want to miss them this time. The music is fluid and modern and requires a bit of listening to take it all in, but it's worth the modest effort.

Then there is more guitar music in the offing when Ed Gerhard comes to Comma Coffee on April 21. For a preview of this fine musician's art, check out his CDs "Ed Gerhard: The Guitar Songbook," and the Emmy-winning "Henry Mancini: Pink Guitar."


"The Pied Piper" by the BAC Stage Kids continues at the Brewery Arts Center Donald W. Reynolds Theatre this weekend. If you missed it last week, here are some observations from local kids who did see the show:

Abby Williams, 10, says her favorite character was the Dance Tutor. "I liked the crazy dance she did to 'The Farmer In the Dell' to scare the rats away. The Dance Tutor has a silly costume and funny hairdo. I also liked the commercial for Rat-Off."

Charlie Adams, 5, says his favorite character was Old Widow Whiskers. "I liked when Old Widow Whiskers was whacking Bongo on the head. I liked when the rats were running around and nibbling on people."

Sara Jones, 7, says her favorite part of the show was the costumes. "The costumes were all funny. I especially liked the Mayor's Daughter and Duchess Dingaling's. They were big and poofy, and they looked like they were from a cartoon."

OK, what more do you need when you have critics like these telling you what to look for?


We warned you last week about "Sin City," a tale as ghastly and bloody as anything since "The Wild Bunch" of years ago. If anything, the review by David Germain of The Associated Press was too kind. Seeing it at the local theater Monday was like someone trying to test your intelligence as well as your stomach. Truly, it's a remarkable film, but hardly one to take your mother or a date to.

Most striking is Mickey Rourke, in a face made up as a human Grand Canyon, with blood and cuts all over it. His section, the first of three, is a mishmash of violence and survivability. Bruce Willis' section, in which he portrays a cop with angina problems, is the closest thing to a "normal" movie.

Don't say you weren't warned. It's rated "R" for nudity (the least of the woes), unending stylized violence and language.


Back from a trip to Italy, the folks at Villa Gigli Trattoria/Galleria in Markleeville, with the image of familial Toscana country dinners still fresh, will surprise guests each Saturday and Sunday after May 1 with pasta and meat or fish or poultry offering - and as always, a vegetarian alternative. The fixed price of $25 includes antipasto, salad, country-style bread, pasta main course, dessert, coffee and tax. The tables are arranged outdoors family-style. the view and ambiance are a country pleasure.


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