Lucky Spur still lacks permanent certificate of occupancy

Stew's Sportatorium at the Lucky Spur received its temporary certificate of occupancy Friday, but the long haul in renovation projects is still more than three weeks from an opening day.

"Circumstances have kept us from opening," co-owner Scott Johnson said Friday. "We're hoping that we're reaching the end of that."

He expects to have the permanent certificate of occupancy early next week. After 13 months of renovation and $1.7 million, the building has had its share of common construction calamities, and a few of its own unique troubles.

Johnson, who partnered with Michael Stewart in the venture, said in the last year they've had a problem with getting the proper electrical power to the building. The antiquated sewer system was a major obstacle. Inferior contractor work that had to be redone also caused a delay, the specifics of this Johnson said "I'd rather not get into."

The owners had originally hoped for a late 2004 opening.

The building, built in the 1880s, has housed many downtown Carson City businesses, including a casino, a nightclub and cobbler. Stew's Sportatorium will be a sports-themed casino, bar and restaurant.

"Renovating an old building has been tough," he said.

Construction began on the 10,000-square-foot building in February 2004. The Lucky Spur sign will remain on the brick building at the corner of North Carson and Proctor streets. The original casino sign on Proctor Street, which once said "Silver Spur," was redone. Now the blue, white and green sign reads "Stew's."

Stewart's father, Robert, and brother, James, are also partners in the project. They are hiring for all positions; call 882-SPUR for more information.

"It's a race to the finish right now," Johnson said.

Joe Renden, Stew's brewmaster, said he's ready to start brewing beer in the 15-barrel system that will occupy a corner of the renovated building.

"Right now we've got all the equipment, the chiller system is working, the steam system is functional," he said. "I think we're just waiting for the certificate of occupancy."

He said they're installing the serving lines this week.

"We have six serving tanks so we'll probably have six beers on tap," Renden said. "We're thinking of having four or five regular house beers, which will cover the style people are most familiar with, the light beer to dark stout."

His spirits are high - Renden said this is his dream job.

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