Graffiti sting nets suspect

A sting operation, prompted by an increase in graffiti reports around Carson City, has possibly nabbed one suspect and took three illegal weapons off the streets.

Walls on Winnie Lane, Hot Springs Road, Carson, Sage and Roop streets were among others found spray painted with gang monikers and symbols, said Carson City Sheriff's Lt. Ken Sandage.

"With 19 victims - the city being one of them - we took a proactive stance and put 12 deputies out on the street for the purpose of deterring and preventing graffiti and or criminal gang activity," Sandage said.

Undercover officers kept watch Saturday on specific locations from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Although no one was caught in the act of tagging, Sandage said, information gathered that night led deputies to a juvenile who subsequently admitted to tagging five locations in January.

Another officer watching a specific location stopped a vehicle on a traffic citation and recovered several weapons.

Sandage said an AK 47, an AR15 with an illegal barrel and a .45 caliber handgun were confiscated. No arrest was made, he said.

"Graffiti is a big thing to us," Sandage said. "We take it very seriously. It degrades the property value and tends to breed more criminal activity. Our response lets the taggers know we are watching, and if they put it up one night its going to be gone the next."

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