Letter to the Editor: Farmer Column

Guy Farmer's June 12 article, "Hispanic Americans who see perils of illegal immigration," should be the ultimate wake-up call to all American-born citizens. When it takes Mexican-Americans urging the federal government to crack down on illegal immigration, then why don't those of other American-born nationalities voice their concerns regarding the bombardment of illegals who are causing a multitude of problems in our country today?

Clearly, it's gotten out of hand. Our government has not only opened the gates to the United States from Mexico, but the good old USA caters to these people on bended knee! Shouldn't America take care of its own first? Instead our government is placing the American citizens on the back burner. However, I don't see our politicians as misguided, I see them as greedy for political reasons. The looking good factor.

They seek the votes from people who have absolutely no clue to the needs of the American people and this country. It's all or personal gain. The popularity game!

So our so-called anti-terrorism program is a joke! Our gates are wide open to who knows what. They freely walk in and begin making demands. They lap up all the freebies, draining our system dry, often getting services that we have paid into, yet have a heck of a time getting.

The deportation of the illegals is another joke. Think about it. If getting into this country is so darn easy, why have Homeland Security? Is it just to feed some fat cat's face?

If our government truly believed we had a threat of terrorism in our country, they would begin by securing the gates from Mexico to the U.S. More than 10 million illegals have poured into this country. Most are from Mexico. They come here, make their demands, celebrate Mexico's Independence Day and refuse to learn the American language. Then why should they? We now have everything in Mexican first, then American. More homes must be built to meet the overload of people coming here. That means fewer jobs for the U.S. citizens.

Please don't make the untrue statement that the Mexicans are taking the jobs that the Americans don't want. That's bull that's been fed to us by greedy employers seeking cheaper labor and sneaky politicians.

Please don't even label me as a racist. Names in my family are Teixeira, Machado and Blinkmann. My ancestors came to this country respecting the American ways. They become citizens, worked very hard and stepped on no one's feet. Not prejudiced, just concerned.

Illegals have brought a vast amount of gang crime which we do not need. If I had any say so, they who cause all these problems would be shipped back to their own country and, you can go to the bank on this, they would not come back. It's time to speak out and take our country back.


Carson City


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