Green priorities for Parks and Rec projects

Extending a potable water line for the Ronald D. Wilson Park, at a cost of $50,000, was voted the No. 1 priority on a long "wish list" of Parks and Recreation projects for next year.

Replacing the seats in the Community Theater was voted second, costing $53,000. Tennis court repairs at Centennial and Ross Gold Park came in third at $30,000.

"It's good to keep up with maintenance for the courts," said Carson City Tennis Club Vice President Richard Moore.

Moore added that the Centennial courts attract many players from outside the city who come to the park to play.

Renovating the announcer's stand at the Fuji Fairgrounds and replacing the tiled roller hockey floor at the Pony Express Pavilion tied for fourth on the list.

"As the bulls walk through the announcer's stand, the whole structure shakes," said Norm Denny, president of the High School Carson/Douglas Rodeo Association. "It needs to be updated."

The new announcer's booth and tiled floor cost $159,000 and $43,000, respectively. The tiled floor, which is curling up at the edges, could also be used by a newly formed indoor soccer league.

"It's a wonderful gift from the city," said Reno resident Uriah Wise, who is actively involved in the Sierra In-Line Hockey league, which plays at the pavilion. "The plastic tiles are curling and becoming brittle, so that when a player hits them they crack.

"It will help the league thrive for years to come," he added.

None of these projects is a guarantee, yet placing them at the top of the priority "wish list" improves their chances of receiving funding and becoming a reality.

One project that was downgraded in priority was a new west-side parking lot for the Community Center, which would create 70 to 80 additional parking spots.

Commissioners agreed that, at $766,000, the parking lot was overpriced and could receive funding from a different department.

"I think it should be on another agency's funding list," Commissioner Tom Patton said.

The Parks and Recreation Commission approved the five priority projects to receive funding through the city's Capital Improvement Plan.

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Five projects are slated for priority funding next year:

• Extending Ronald D. Wilson Park waterline

• Replacing Community Theater auditorium seats

• Tennis court repair at Centennial and Ross Gold parks

• Improving announcer's stand at Fuji Park Fairgrounds

• A new hockey/indoor soccer floor for the Pony Express Pavilion


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