Burglars take license making machine from DMV

Burglars smashed through the rear window of North Las Vegas offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles early Monday and stole equipment used to issue drivers licenses.

The break-in on Donovan Way occurred about 1:30 a.m. DMV spokesman Tom Jacobs said the equipment taken included a digital camera tower, associated computer equipment, the license printer, and drivers license blanks.

He said the crooks probably have plans to make phony drivers licenses but that, "without being connected to the department's computer application, the equipment has limited use."

The North Las Vegas office issues commercial drivers licenses, motor carrier registrations and offers express renewal services. Jacobs said it remains open for business, but employees are unable to issue drivers licenses at this time.

Digimarc Corp. will replace the equipment as soon as possible, he said.

Damage to the building was being assessed. DMV will post 24-hour security until repairs are completed.


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