'Sagebrush Sea' opens tonight

The stunning photo show in the new exhibition rooms of the Nevada State Museum in Carson City is "Sagebrush Sea," from the book of the same name by Stephen Trimble. It officially opens tonight at 5:30 p.m. And it's free.

It's an event more than worth your time as the photography is superb in its beauty and composition. It's unfortunate the museum couldn't dig up the modest sum needed to bring Trimble here for the opening.

By phone from his home in Utah, Trimble reported a brief history of the exhibit, housed in those two new, superb rooms just off the new entrance to the museum. The show was first staged in the High Desert Museum in Bend, Ore., in 1991, after the book from which it is derived won an award. Trimble then "bought" the exhibit and toured it around Utah. He finally gave it to the Utah Museum of Natural History, after it had appeared in the classy Field Museum in Chicago.

This show marks the 10th anniversary and new edition of his book "Sagebrush Ocean," about the Great Basin of the West. (More on the book at another time.)

Now the two new halls at the museum are packed with the fine original photos from the book, which testify to the skill of Trimble and the effort he went through to take them. Anyone who hikes will know the effort he went through to capture some of the views.

Look carefully at the "Dancing Sandhill Cranes" and the "Geyser Hot Springs" in the Black Rock Desert. Delight in the colors of the "Indian Paintbrush" and the "Dead Bristlecone Pine." Contemplate the somber tones of some of the black-and-white prints.

There's even a photo of Trimble, along with his dog, Carlo, sitting in the back of his pickup, which bears a tattered bumper sticker for "Mondale/Ferraro." Remember them?


We get e-mail like this: "In the recent article about the 'Rovana and the Spirits of the Road' show being shot at the Comma (Coffee) I am actually the other gal starring with Ro and just wanted to let you all know that my name is Melissa Aubert, not Melanie. Not that I'm a diva but my parents would appreciate the recognition. I had a great time in your town! Sincerely, Mel." All right, Mel, take this home with you.


Saturday night, the Brewery Ballroom will echo with the sounds of the Classical Guitarists of Northern Nevada, plus a flute and a drum. The show's in the ballroom because the Performance Hall is undergoing renovations, but that's all right; guitars sound fine in the ballroom.

The guitarists are Larry Aynesmith, Micah Dunn, Andrew Ohren and Mischael Zawaskis. They'll be joined by Edith Isidoro-Mills on the pipe and Norbert Yao on the Africa djembe drum.

The program will include works by J.S. Bach, Maimo Diego Pojol (a contemporary Argentine composer) and Andrew York's "Marley's Ghost," a tribute to the late reggae star Bob Marley. There will also be some improv. Tickets are $14 general admission and $12 for BAC members. If BAC keeps shows like this one coming, it will be well worth joining just for the music, not to mention those sculptures in the back garden. Call 883-1976 to learn more.

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