Man tries to plead in Fernley ax killing

YERINGTON - A judge determined a Fernley man will be tried in the ax killing of his elderly roommate, but the suspect may plead guilty to the charge before he goes before a jury.

Scott Eric Lecoque, 34, tried to plead to the charge of murder with the use of a deadly weapon, but the justice of the peace was unable to accept the plea and bound Lecoque over to district court following a day of testimony Tuesday, said Lyon County Prosecutor Leon Aberasturi.

According to court documents, Lecoque allegedly killed Wallace S. Phillips, 72, Jan. 12, "by means of repeatedly striking him in the head with an ax."

The two had allegedly argued prior to the killing.

Phillips lived at the Mary Lou Lane home for about three years, Lyon County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Arndell said. Lecoque, whose father owns the home, has lived there since April.

Phillips' bloodied body was found in an upstairs bathroom. The elder Lecoque was not home at the time.

The son allegedly called his father following the killing and the father called authorities.

Lecoque was sitting calmly at the dining room table when police arrived, and he directed deputies to the body. A small hand ax, similar to a hatchet, was allegedly found in his bedroom.

He is being held in the Lyon County Jail.

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