Students in Henry Weiner's English class at Western Nevada Community College studied Haiku recently. Here are some samples:

By Luciano Cecere

Sad marionette

They pulled the strings

That made him feign

By Chris Kihm

Finally, Friday!

Two days of sheer happiness

Ahh! Monday ... so soon!?!

By Jake Newman

Smiles all over

once beautiful walks down

grabs my hand warmly

By Joe Trotter

Nature pours its soul

Summons hearts to let in light

Appreciate her

By Dallas Crawford

Snow drifting down as

Silence covers the air

Softening the view

By Evan Crossman

The darkness devours

What the light

Cannot see

By Jessica Flint

Love, mysterious and ancient

A word so amazing

The true meaning a myth

By Ida Redican

Dark clouds appear

My mind wanders

Into the night, again

By Daniel Torok

I lift the heavy beam

My back shatters in soreness

I need money for exchange of pain

By Nick Milberger

The golden rays bow down

While the morning dew rises

As the flowers bloom

By Monica Collins

The night fades to black

blanket of clouds resting low

Snow begins to fall

By Jeffrey Arneson

Lightning turns to fire

Forest painted black and grey

Life beginning now

By Chrystal Ostrander

Falling from the sky

Tears pouring down on the ground

Peaceful sounds all around

By Sarah Martin

Water slips down my window

Sudden flash of light

Thunder shakes my bed

By Stephanie Seeley

Between the forest

light flashes

Summer here

By Luciano Cecere

Dark tormented wave

Crushes the ships with its jaws

Under bloody moon

By Dallas Crawford

Ripples in a pond

Shimmer through a time

Grabbing sunlight

By Joe Trotter

Work hard every day

Make ends meet in any way

Only if money grew on trees

By Luciano Cecere

The littered stream

Forgot itself

Like shadows on a mirror


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