The 12 gifts of Christmas

I am from Casper, Wyo. I have two sisters. My mom, dad, sisters and I would drive around the neighborhoods to see all the decorated houses. I remember doing this every year. I now drive around the Carson City neighborhoods with my two girls to see the nicely decorated houses. It is a nice family thing to do.

A tradition I started with my kids:

When my two girls were 6 and 9 years old, I started on Dec. 13 hiding a little gift. That is how we celebrate "The 12 Days of Christmas.". The gifts were just dollar store gifts. It only cost $12 per kid. They enjoy it. It was a scavenger hunt for them. I would give them a note leading them to another note that lead them to the gift.

My girls are 12 and 15 now and the last two Christmases I used themes for each of them. This year I am thinking of buying gift cards for "The 12 Days of Christmas" for a dear family of friends and anonymously putting them on their door step.

n Pam Richards lives in Carson City.


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