Governor returns to work after hip surgery

Gov. Kenny Guinn returned to work Friday, less than two weeks after his hip-replacement surgery at Spring Valley Hospital in Southern Nevada.

His operation was April 4, and he said the new, less-invasive technique used by doctors to replace his hip joint had him on his feet the next day. He said he is already nearly pain free and walking smoothly.

Guinn visited the Capitol briefly Thursday afternoon, but returned Friday for a briefing by Chief of Staff Keith Munro.

"I'm doing really well," he said.

Dr. Todd Swanson performed the surgery using a new procedure that minimizes cutting of muscles or ligaments around the hip in installing the steel and Teflon joint. Hospital officials said the procedure greatly reduces recovery time, which can be as long as three months using standard joint replacement techniques.

Guinn said Friday that, sometime in the future, he'll need to have the other hip replaced as well. He said before the surgery that the damage to his hips probably dates to his days as a football player in high school.

He said he should be back to a pretty normal schedule next week.

It was Guinn's second trip to the operating table in his tenure as governor. The first was for prostate surgery.

Guinn, a Republican, is 69 and in the final year of his second four-year term of office.

During his surgery, Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt was acting governor of the state.

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