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Creative ideas for solving immigration problem

Since our illegal and legal brothers and sisters who come from south of the border don't seem to want to assimilate into the culture of the United States, why don't we assimilate Mexico into the United States? A wall along the Mexican/U.S. border will cost billions of dollars to build and maintain. Additional Border Patrol agents will cost us hundreds of millions per year in maintenance. Why not simply annex Mexico into the United States once and for all? Another side benefit is this will eliminate deaths along what was the U.S./Mexican border as there will be no need for coyotes and long walks through the desert.

There's probably no need for an armed invasion force, either. Simply pay the Mexican president, army generals and navy admirals bribes to stand down their forces. They are used to it. Promise them governorships in the new states that we will form, and toss in a condo in Vail for good measure. The entire process will probably cost 1/10th of what building a wall along the border will cost. The new states will require federal aid to build infrastructure, governments etc., but within a few years, the states should be set up and profitable. Since they will now be part of the United States, minimum-wage laws will kick into effect, thus raising the standard of living in the former country of Mexico.

Persons from the original 50 states can then freely go into what was Mexico and buy waterfront property and create farms and ranches for cattle, sheep, etc. Our car companies already have factories in Mexico so they will have to move those to other Third World countries to produce parts at greatly reduced prices (one of the down sides to instituting minimum-wage laws in the former country of Mexico), but that's a small price to pay.

We will then be able to get rid of bilingual education, as English is the language of the United States. We will be able to go into Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot and not have to see signs in both English and Spanish (why is it that we need restroom signs in both English and Spanish? Can it be that someone living here for several years let alone several months doesn't know the word "restroom"?).

All of this is in jest, of course.

Ron Landmann


Healthcare Foundation honors nonprofits

On Tuesday, March 28, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare Foundation President Barbara D'Anneo and I attended the "Making a Difference" appreciation luncheon at Thunder Canyon Golf and Country Club. It was hosted by the Coldwell Banker Best Sellers team, led by Jenny Lopiccolo.

The purpose of the lunch, attended by approximately 75 guests, was to honor a number of nonprofit organizations in our area for the work they do, and to award them with a donation. Ten organizations were present in addition to Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare Foundation: CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates); Carson City and Dayton senior citizen Meals on Wheels; Carson High and Dayton High Safegrad programs; Advocates to End Domestic Violence; GROW (Gardeners Reclaiming Our Waysides); Silver Springs Spay and Neuter Project; and the Wildlife Infirmary of Washoe Valley. In my work as a fundraising professional, I am honored to see people at their very best: caring, generous, dedicated and philanthropic. As I see it, fundraising is among the most noble and rewarding professions in our country. To play a role in uniting gift dollars with good causes is a wonderful thing.

When a donor makes a gift to a local cause, he or she supports its particular mission and also enhances the quality of the community at large. The folks at Coldwell Best Sellers are to be commended for their long-standing spirit of support. This group of Realtors and staff raises thousands of dollars each year at the Boot Scootin' BBQ, which requires hours and hours planning and preparing. They began their efforts in 1995 with a cookie sale that netted $100, and each year hence raised more than the previous year. The 2005 Boot Scootin' BBQ raised $30,000, their best year ever!

Coldwell Banker Best Seller is an amazing group of people who walk the walk on "giving back." Our hats are off to them. It is they who deserve recognition for "Making a Difference."

Pam Graber

Carson City


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