Folks in the news in our outdoor world

Dave Beronio of Douglas County was one of a large group of snowmobilers who drove into the Leavitt Lake area of Sonora Pass over the weekend. He reported that the snow in that high country is an estimated 20 feet deep!

Norm Budden of Carson City is home recovering from a knee operation. The doctor told him to keep his leg higher than his heart to help with the recovery. Budden said some very bad things when Don Quilici suggested that he should stand on his head for 30 minutes every day, which would definitely keep his legs higher than his heart.

Dave Kirby of the Woodfords General Store in Woodfords, Calif. is going to miss his annual week's vacation trip to Arizona to watch major league baseball's Spring Training, this year. Hmmm, could he have finally become a New York Yankee fan?


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