Inspector: Mail theft centered around Ormsby Station

A Reno postal inspector on Thursday offered more details into the alleged theft of Carson City mail by a contracted postal carrier.

C. Thomas Brucklacher, who is handling the investigation for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, said the suspect's access was more limited than previously reported and he appeared to take only greeting card envelopes which often contain cash or gift cards.

"Probably 90 percent of the (stolen) mail are items mailed from Ormsby Station," Brucklacher said.

The suspect, who carried mail back and forth between the Main Post Office on Roop Street to Ormsby Station on Highway 50 East, was questioned March 7 by postal inspectors.

According to a letter sent out to a Carson City woman whose money order was among the recovered items, investigators contacted the suspect and found him in possession of stolen mail and "numerous other pieces of mail."

Brucklacher said though the suspect had access to all mail coming into and leaving Ormsby Station, it appears between the months of December and March he targeted mostly outgoing mail.

Brucklacher said investigators have found no evidence packages were among the items taken.

People who send or receive mail through Ormsby Station and are concerned about delivery of items can call the Reno office at 328-6040.

Brucklacher said gift card receipts should contain the card's number which helps investigators identify items recovered without the original envelopes or cards.

In one instance, a woman had the information for a gift card she sent out and authorities were able to track the use of the card to the Carson City Home Depot.

The case has been forwarded to the U.S. Attorney General's Office for charges.

-- Contact reporter F.T. Norton at or 881-1213.


Those who believe they may be a victim of mail theft should contact Postal Inspector C. Thomas Brucklacher or his assistant Sherry Beyman at 328-6040.

If your items have been found among those recovered, you should expect to receive a letter from the United States Postal Inspection Division within the coming days.


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