Silver Springs GID OKs tentative budget

The Silver Springs General Improvement District has a tentative budget that will be balanced but without any funds left at the end of the 2007 fiscal year.

However, Lyon County Comptroller Josh Foli said there will be sufficient funds to meet expenses for running the community's sewage plant.

The board went over the budget at a workshop during its regular meeting Tuesday

Foli said he needed to work more on the salary and benefit numbers, because the board was planning to hire an interim manager at an estimated salary of $44,000. The board also voted to advertise for a manager at the meeting.

The GID has two full-time plant operators, an on-call operator, a part-time office worker and a contract worker.

Expenses, not counting interest or depreciation, came to just over $373,000, with anticipated revenues from EDUs and rates coming in at $303,900.

Foli said interest income, income from lease of land for a cell phone tower and miscellaneous revenue should make up the difference.

In other action, the board voted 3-1 to contact an attorney for advice on the relationship between the GID and the Lyon County Commission, as well as the GID and the Silver Springs Airport LLC. Board member Bob Wells voted against the motion; board members Chrystl Barbee, Bob Freeman and Trudy Kolsch voted in favor. Bennett did not vote due to her position as co-manager of the airport.

Board Chairman Bob Freeman described the GID's relationship with both entities as "strained."

The county commission voted last week 3-2 to begin proceedings to dissolve the current GID board. Wells and Bennett support that decision.

Discord on the board flared at this discussion, with Bennett complaining that the airport had no representation at the meeting, since her husband, Hale, was unable to attend.

Freeman said she was an officer of the Silver Springs Airport LLC, but that her position on the GID board complicated things.

"Your shadow chairman has addressed this board on her qualification to serve," Bennett responded, adding that an ethics commission hearing approved her to serve on the GID.

Wells argued the item was improperly agendized and he said would seek an opinion on its legality from an ethics board.

Resident Don Harina suggested the board meet with the commissioners and the airport to work out the differences with the GID's attorney present.

Former board member Robin Harina opposed a meeting, and criticized Bennett and Wells for supporting the possible takeover by the commissioners.

"Three of you represent me," she said. "Two of you don't represent anyone, since you went to the commissioners and asked them to take us over."


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