Legislative calendar

All meetings are open to the public.


8 a.m.

• Assembly Judiciary hears three bills: SB77 amends the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. SB88 Adopts the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act. SB168 Enacts the Uniform Assignment of Rents Act. Room 3138.

• Assembly Ways and Means/Senate Finance joint subcommittee reviews capital improvement budgets for the Department of Corrections and Higher Education. Room 3137.

• Senate Finance/Assembly Ways and Means joint subcommittee closes budgets of the Department of Corrections and Conservation and Natural Resources. Room 2134.

9 a.m.

• Assembly Government Affairs hears three bills: SB124 revises provisions governing state personnel and independent contractors. SB369 revises provisions concerning the recording of certain documents. SB419 revises provisions relating to certain county clerks. Room 3143.

• Senate Judiciary hears five bills: AB37 revises provisions relating to the administration of the Department of Corrections. AB38 revises certain provisions governing the forfeiture of credits earned to reduce the maximum term of imprisonment when a parolee violates a condition of his parole. AB72 revises provisions governing the crime of luring a child. AB106 prohibits prisoners in the custody of the Department of Corrections from obtaining or possessing portable telecommunications devices. AB227 revises the provisions governing the posting of warnings against trespassing. Room 2149.

11 a.m.

• Senate and Assembly floor sessions.

1:30 p.m.

• Assembly Taxation holds discussion of future issues to be considered by the committee. Room 4100.

• Assembly Transportation hears three bills: SB17 revises provisions relating to certain special license plates for veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. SB175 revises provisions governing the contents and use of license plates for motor vehicles. SB481 revises requirements for the issuance of special license plates for motor vehicles. Room 3143.

• Senate Legislative Operations and Elections hears three bills: AB333 requires the Legislative Committee on Education to study certain issues during the 2007-2009 interim. AB534 Ratifies the correction of certain clerical errors and the resolution of certain statutory conflicts in legislative enactments from previous sessions. AJR10 Urges Congress not to reauthorize the "fast track" approval of international trade agreements. Room 2144.

2:30 p.m.

• Senate Transportation and Homeland Security hears four bills: AB71 makes various changes to procedures when a vehicle is involved in a traffic accident. AB380 revises certain requirements relating to radar guns. AB497 makes various changes to provisions governing driver's licenses and public safety. AB552 Authorizes constables to collect fees for removing or causing the removal of abandoned vehicles from public property. Room 2149.

3:30 p.m.

• Assembly Ways and Means hears seven bills: AB259 revises provisions governing wildlife. AB293 makes an appropriation to the Legislative Fund for the Legislative Auditor to enter into a contract with a consultant to conduct a performance audit of agencies which provide child welfare services. AB305 revises provisions relating to the protection of children. AB343 revises provisions governing hunting and fishing licenses. AB526 revises provisions relating to community antenna television, cable television ,video service, Internet service and other information technology. AB531 makes certain changes to provisions concerning the Private Investigator's Licensing Board. AB573 revises certain provisions governing wildlife. Room 3137.

3:45 p.m.

• Assembly Elections, Procedures, Ethics and Constitutional Amendments hears five bills: SB121 amends the Charter of the City of Carlin to change the time for election of certain officers. SB122 amends the Charter of the City of Wells to change the time for election of certain officers. SB149 makes various changes to provisions governing elections. SB490 revises provisions governing the prefiling, reprinting and transmittal of bills and resolutions. SB87 provides for audits by Legislative Auditor of entities which are not state agencies but which receive appropriations of public money. Room 3142.

Source: Nevada Legislature Online (www.leg.state.nv.us). All rooms are in the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, unless otherwise specified.


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